Saturday, January 9, 2010

Love Your Neighbor Day 2010

The results are coming in:

"Our family made cookies for our neighbors. We connected with 3 families. We told them we hoped they were having a good new year. On the plate we wrote that we were praying for them.

This was something that we needed to do. We were glad to do this - to show the Love of God in a dark and busy world!

The Lee Family"


Pastor Dan and Christie took their favorite beef stew to their neighbors to help them stay warm during this cold weather.

It is NEVER EASY stepping out of our comfort zone, but they were so glad they did!


I visited my co-worker's father at hospice today to show the love of God in a practical way. I took a basket of snacks and puzzle books for the family. I was able to meet a few other members of the family and made a positive impression on them for Christ.

Dee M.

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