Sunday, November 9, 2008

Penny Campaign - (one of) December's Serving Our Generation Events

The Penny Campaign at Samaritan Ministries

Many people consider the penny an insignificant amount with no buying power.

In 1992, Samaritan unleashed the power of the penny with its first Penny Campaign. This effort for increasing awareness of hunger and homelessness in our backyard while raising money for Samaritan has become a community event.

The annual Penny Campaign is Samaritan’s major fundraiser. Beginning October 1st and continuing through November, schools, churches, families, individuals, civic organizations and corporations across the Triad, all join in saving their pennies and spare change for the Samaritan Soup Kitchen and Inn.

The Penny Campaign collection day is held the first Saturday in December. All unrolled collected coins are dropped off at the Thruway Center in Winston-Salem. It’s a fun filled day with WXII’s Cameron Kent and the Samaritan team. Jar stickers, posters and other marketing materials are available.

Heavenview's choir plans to sing at the Penny Campaign! Come out, bring your pennies and enjoy the music!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

WE CARE Packages for our Troops

Today we packaged items for Soldiers in Iraq. We were able to create 30 boxes!

Charity's son's troop will be the recipient of these boxes.

Thanks to Donna and Mike for organizing this very meaningful event and to all who participated either by giving a donation or by giving their time to help us today.