Wednesday, June 25, 2008

25 Year Anniversary - W. Strout

Congratulations to Pastor Strout for 25 years in the ministry!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Ronald McDonald House Needs our Help!

Hello RMH Supporters!

Happy summer!

We have no dinners scheduled June 27, June 28 or June 29. If anyone could help us with this, our families would be so appreciative to have something. I am including details about dinners below. If you are interested, just contact me.


Abby Bowman
Director of Volunteer Services
The Ronald McDonald House of Winston-Salem
336.723.0228 x11

Generous volunteers provide the residents of the Ronald McDonald House a warm dinner almost every evening of the year. To volunteer to bring a meal, there are few things you should know:

Party of . . .??
The Ronald McDonald House has room for 17 families and remains full almost every night. Please prepare food for approximately 25-30 people.

Dinner at 5:30
In order to have dinner fit every resident's schedule, we ask volunteers to have food ready by 5:30 PM.

The Menu
Groups may prepare whatever they choose, or they may order food and have it delivered to the home.

Group Cooking:
If you want to prepare the meal at the Ronald McDonald House, please coordinate the time and date with the Volunteer Coordinator (723-0228 x 11).

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Kate B. Reynolds Hospice Home

We went to the Kate B. Reynolds Hospice Home today.

The task:
  • Stain a fence that protected their backup electric area
  • Put lattice around the bottom of their gazebo

The faces:
  • Carla J.
  • Pam L.
  • Peggy L.
  • Christie P.
  • Dan P.
  • Herman R.

The pictures to prove we got the job done:

We always have a great time working together while meeting a need in the community. If you are interested in serving with us - please contact Christie.

Our Plug for July:

Get Involved! Saturday, July 12th from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m.

The need:
  • Four individuals are needed at the Samaritan House Soup Kitchen
  • Several individuals are needed to put railing near the stairs of an elderly individual's home in Winston-Salem
  • Several individuals are needed to put vinyl flooring in the kitchen for an elderly individual in Winston-Salem
  • Several individuals are needed to help with tree removal at the home of an elderly individual in Winston-Salem
The requests are flowing in - we need you to help us make a difference in our community by serving.