Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Salem Terrace Assisted Living Needs YOU!

"The Forgotten"

She sits there waiting patiently

And wipes away a tear,
Wishing that a visitor
Would suddenly appear.

Someone to say, “How are you?”
And greet her with a smile.
Someone to sit beside her
And chat a little while.

It’s hard for her to understand
Just what she’s doing there.
What happened to her family
And friends who used to care?

How come she’s been abandoned
Like some old worn-out shoe?
What crime has she committed?
What bad thing did she do?

She’s only one of many
In an oldster’s home today
Who finds the price of longer life
Is much too high to pay.

That picture could be quickly changed
If all of us would spend
Some extra time just visiting
A relative or friend

Who’s shut away from all the things
That once were held so dear,
And needs to be reminded
That at least someone is near

To take her by the hand and say,
“How are you?” with a smile,
And then sit close beside her
And just love her for awhile!

Heavenview invites you to participate in their Serving Our Generation opportunities while ministering to the elderly at Salem Terrace Assisted Living on Old Salisbury Road in Winston-Salem.

Sign up for a second Tuesday event from 6:15 PM until 7:30 PM by emailing Christie.

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