Sunday, December 9, 2007

Sharing a testimony

Here is a testimony of how God can use you.

It was my first time helping this 85 year old woman.

She lives by herself in an apartment complex for the elderly. I went there to clean for her.

She was very sick and was feeling so miserable. She told me that her son wanted to take her to the doctor but she didn't know if she would go. She really didn't know what to do.

I had no idea of what she believed. It was my first day meeting her.

I asked her if she believed God could heal her. She said that she did. I said"Do you mind if I pray for you?" She said she didn't mind. I laid my hand on her and prayed for God to just touch her with the hem of His garment and speak healing to her in the Name of Jesus!

She thanked me. I told her I believed in miracles and God still performs miracles!

It was so awesome!

It is so cool how God can use us and how He wants us to be His hands. Every day we have an opportunity to reach out and touch people for God!

Peggy has attended Heavenview for a few months and is actively involved in Serving Our Generation.

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